It's Great to be in Love Again

"If ever he had harboured a conscience in his tough narrow breast he had by now dug out and flung away the awkward thing - flung it so far away that were he ever to need it again he could never find it. High-shouldered to a degree little short of malformation, slender and adroit of limb and frame, his eyes close-set and the colour of dried blood, he is climbing the spiral staircase of the soul of Gormenghast, bound for some pinnacle of the itching fancy - some wild, invulnerable eyrie best known to himself; where he can watch the world spread out below him, and shake exultantly his clotted wings"

~ Description of Steerpike
From the Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake

I started reading the Gormenghast trilogy again the other day and I won't bother going on and on about how much I love it, but I wanted to make this post to point out that for the 50th year anniversary of the trilogy, Vintage Classics is re-releasing the 3 books and making them a little more available again (i.e., I was actually able to find the first book, Titus Groan, on sale at Barnes & Noble today). So, everyone should go check them out.

Also, check out the glitzy new covers:

(Hehe, the quote on the cover is "A gorgeous volcanic erruption... A work of extraordinary imagination." - The New Yorker)

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j.slipchinsky said...

eee, I just finished reading the trilogy during second semester. it's amazing!!