So, I got to attend my first Analogue Thunderdome session on Friday. We drew on top of ink blots - it was loads of fun, and chock full of dirty jokes about what people saw in theirs...

What I started with:

Actually the 2nd drawing I started on, and gave up on quickly since it was boring - and went back to my other sketch. Crab:

Main drawing. The guy in the middle came first, and then the lions. The ships came much later...


Done for the "Magical Implements" Thunderdome topic. I decided to go with the good old fashion Magic of Science! This is looooooosely based on Jesse Sullivan - the man with the bionic arms. If those aren't "magical implements" I don't know what are.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, go see this
video or article.


Done for Moving Day topic on the Deadliest Sketch. This is a dramatization of how my entertainment center wouldn't ge through my front door and I had to give it away.

And here's that Thunderdome sketch with slightly different color. It'd be fun to go back in and do something more detailed, just save the composition.


This was done for a weekly sketch topic at work - we got to choose from a couple of different randomly generated phrases this week. This phrase is "an insane frog dodges a raptor (monochromic)."