Girls, Inc News Clip

Hey! Here's the local news coverage of the Girls, Inc Summit I participated in today! There's no footage of me or Marcella though. :) 


Girls, Inc Stuff


RPG Puzzle Progress!

After our brainstorming session last weekend, we got in our first full day of work today!

Here are some mock-ups! Enemies will advance from the right, and engage whatever hero they run into first. Heroes will fight them by default, but you can also select your hero to use a special power. The meat of the game is sliding your heroes around in the 8 available spaces so that they are in the best strategic position against the approaching enemies at all times. 

Some rough character class concepts:

 Getting started on some models:

Currently, enemies approach from the right, auto engage heroes, deal and receive damage, and you can slide heroes around on the grid. Not too bad for one day. :) 


Girls, Inc Continued...

Some more!


Girls, Inc - continued...

Update on Girls, Inc stuff. Lots more to do!!!


Girls Inc, WIP

I'm doing another presentation for Girls, Inc this year and these are some drawings for it. The Geisha isn't done... but I felt like posting her anyway. More stuff to follow!

(Last year when I did it I made these   images.)