Vlympics: Round Four: 4 v 4 COD

Final round of the Vlympics before the championships! This round was simple - 4 v. 4 COD: Black Ops. No kill streaks, no unlocked equipment. Round one was domination, rounds two and three were team deathmatch. Single elimination tournament style. 4 teams played at a time - 2 on either side of the room. It was super intense! A couple of the rounds finished with extremely narrow margins of victory. :)

Two teams will progress to the final round: Mos Eisley Spaceport & Alan + the Touring Machines.

The game for the final round will be revealed the day of. We're putting a lot of planning into it and I'm really exited to see what the Vlympians think!

Pictures once again by Mel Holtzman.

Super Hero City Test

So I worked on this video yesterday evening to test out an idea I had for gameplay presentation for the Super Hero Game idea - and then as I was going to sleep I realized how unintentionally similar it was to the Skull Girls debut trailer!

Whichever way, this is intended to be how gameplay actually works, as opposed to a trailer, so maybe it's ok? That being said, so far this test is pretty clumsy and unreadable so I'm not sure if the idea will pan out (having all 3 character represented with generic bipeds doesn't help. ;) )

But anyway, I wanted to post it despite its clumsiness. It was just a single night's work to try and prove out a concept.



Environment I'm building.

Old Animatics!

Digging through some old work of mine and I found these animatics from school. They're old versions of my thesis! The cleaning one is my favorite. :)


Vlympics: Round Three: Analogue

Vlympics Round 3 was last night! This round consisted of 3 cooperative challenges, for the team to take on as a unit: 1) in 10 min, put together as much of 2 puzzles as possible, 2) build the tallest Jenga tower possible (still following normal Jenga rules), 3) guess as many gaming-related Pictionary words correctly as possible. (We made the Pictionary list ourselves, so I've now learned a bit about creating and balancing Pictionary. ;) )

The puzzle + Jenga parts made for the quietest round yet, but it was really fun.

Once again, awesome pictures were taken by Mel Holtzman.

Bko Walk Cycle

Goofing around with Bko - I've never animated an upside-down walk cycle before. :) It's just rough.


Vlympics: Round Two: Collectibles Relay!

Looks like Blogger's crash ate this post, so here it is again.

Round 2 of the VV gaming Olympics that I'm organizing was last Tues and it was a blast! Teams played a relay race of games with collectibles - so team mate one would collect 300 gems as fast as possible in Kirby's Epic Yarn, then tag off with their teammate who had to collect 50 rings in Sonic (the original) as fast as possible - and so on down the line of 4 - the other 2 games were Mario64 (30 coins) & Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (100 fruit). We were originally going to determine the victor by time trial, but then we realized that when you watch people play, you learn where everything is - so because of this we did single elimination tournament style again. This way 2 teams would race each other at one time (there were 2 full setups). Also, when they progressed on to the next round, we gave them different levels to play for the sake of variety.

Pictures taken by Mel Holtzman again!

Virtual VV

Calling it done for now. Depends on how exactly Tim is planning on using it. :)


Ako and Bko

Back to this image from early March. I'm bouncing back and forth between 2 game ideas right now, which is why my blog's all crazy. :)


Super Hero City Test

Trying out like a 2D/3D style for the game Issam and I are working on.

Vlympics: Round One: Fight!

I'm helping organize a gaming Olympics at work (inspired by the Omegathon at PAXEast). The competition is between 8 teams of 4 people each. Round One's theme was fighting games - the teams divvied themselves up and sent one representative to compete in each of the 4 games: Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur IV, Killer Instinct and WWE All Stars. There was a separate bracket style tournament for each game (single elimination), which determined how many points each team member earned for their team.

It was a blast! Round One was Thurs night - Round Two happened last night and I will update with images and an explanation soon.

These awesome photos were all taken by Mel Holtzman.

Virtual VV

Modeling my office for a project for someone at work. :)