T Shirt Contest

My design was one of three to be selected in a company design contest! It's the Bala brothers (who started and run our company) making the VV logo. It's going to be available to VV employees to put on shirts, mugs, etc. :)

This is the VV logo for reference:


Sune is skinned!

Now I just need to give everyone accessories like Mo has, and some small final touches like hair rigs and a final color palette.


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Making a costume for NY Comic Con took up a lot of my free time lately. :)

Sakura is rigged!

Sune is modeled, textured and UVed (Updated tonight)

Robot is started!


For my first experiment with fondant I made Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock cupcakes for our GH: WoR + cupcakes party on Sat! It was fun, but I think some of my designs didn't come out as readable as I would have liked. Next time I'll put some more planning into it. :)

Still - I know how to use fondant!