Exercise #4 and the last one for this month (just in time!)

Simple sentient ball bounce. Next month I graduate to the human form. ;)


The Basics: Ball with Tail

Exercise number two. I'm still not 100% happy with it - I didn't decide up front if I wanted the ball to rotate or behave more like a creature and remain upright. The result was sort of a mix of the two, where it does stay 'upright' but also has no life to it. I'm not really sure what kind of ball it would take to do that. ;) I might go back into it later.


The Basics!

Exercise One: Bouncing Balls (2 Types of Weight)

This year I wanted to take a lot more of my personal time outside of work to refocus on some simple, clean, polished animation! I'm also teaching one of my friends at work how to animate - so I took this as an opportunity to make a curriculum for myself based off of the one I've created for him. A number of people at work will be joining me as well - I think this will be really great!

In store for January:
X- Bouncing Balls: 2 Types of Weight
- Bouncing Ball with Tail
- Sentient Ball/Simple Object

Also - I did these 2 as quick illustrations of squash & stretch. They don't read too well on youtube though: