Playing around a little bit with different types of locomotion. I'm not very happy with this and it's pretty rough, but I thought I'd share it anyway.


Mike Bauer Max Tutorials

When I was out sick yesterday I spent some of the day watching this guy's "Ninja Bud" beginner rigging tutorial for Max. I STRONGLY recommend looking at it, if not just to learn some basic working tips in Max you may not have been aware of. The rig is simple, but has a lot of the stuff we always talk about wanting, such as facial controllers in the Max window, and foot roll and banking. It's really easy to follow, and well-explained for beginners (like me!)

- Morph Targets
- Creating sliders and spinners for controls through MaxScript
- Linking through the Reaction Manager (think 'set driven key' in Maya)
- Semi-complicated IK foot setup (allows for various foot controls, such as left and right banking, foot roll, toe wiggle, toe swivel, etc)


Zombie MooM.

What I'm working on right now. Walk cycle month is fun! (Rig by Ramtin Ahmadi)

Sunset Cafe

At long last, our game from the Global Game Jam! The theme of this year's jam was "deception" - so we made a dating sim with a twist!

It loads a little slow, so if certain characters or backgrounds aren't there... they're probably still loading. ;) Play the game by clicking on dialogue options or fellows in the coffee shop. Currently there is no icon change to indicate the fact that you can click on the guys, but they are all selectable. Also - in the dressing room mini-game, you cannot progress until you choose the correct outfit combination.

For those of you not familiar with the Game Jam, it's an annual event hosted by the International Game Developer's Association. You get 48 hours to create a game from scratch - either by yourself or with a team.

For more info: Global Game Jam Site

I'm responsible for all of the line art. We decided to go with an anime style since it's a dating sim (also since it's faster ;) ) We were all involved in the initial concept design, and Ward and Kristen wrote the script. Kristen also did the coloring. Marcella and Issam did the engineering work.



I've been playing around in Flash after Katie's demo on Tues! The first was an attempt at a character walk cycle, but there's a bit wrong with it in terms of the character holding his form (particularly in the arms), and doesn't really have too much personality yet... He's supposed to be playing a DS while he walks. ;)

The 2nd is a cat walk cycle. I used some reference from Steve Robert's "Character Animation in 3D" for the keys.


2nd exercise from Feb. Still not completely done, but I thought it was in a good place for crits. I was trying to have a little more fun with this one, but I'm thinking it still needs a lot more exaggeration to do the trick.


Still not done with exercise 2 from Feb. It's coming along though! I'm really crunching on it to get it done - it should be up in the next couple of days. :)