Meret and Frog Facial Expressions -

These are from awhile ago, but I felt like posting them because I like them... These are my thesis characters - Meret and the Frog.

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Navy Captain -

And this is what I'm working on at present. Our company is making a boat sim sort of video game and for fun, at the end depending on how well you do, this little captain guy pops up and either shakes his head at you or gives you a medal or something.. so I get to make this guy! I should have spent more time on the design.. but I didn't. Also, this is a project that had been canned immediately after I started it, and then just recently picked up again. I would say I spent about 18 hours on this model? Minus lunch and talking...

Angle Character Library

As most of you know, I've been working this summer at a place called Angle, inc which does visualizations for companies trying to win government contracts (i.e., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman). My first and largest assignment was to build a new character library for use in their simulations - so my job was to update an old model - or well, pretty much completely rebuild it, rig, weight and texture it. I had to make different ethnicities (black, white, asian) outfits (coveralls - or "poop suit", officer coveralls, officer khakis and a work uniform) and accessories (baseball cap, hat, hair options, float coat - the helmet had already been modeled)

I finished it awhile ago (except there were originally going to be different height options and that part sort of got forgotten/abandoned) and I threw this picture together tonight to stick up here to show the different outfit combinations - and that I rigged them as well - although you can see a bit of spottiness in the weighting...