Squirt gun - Process:

So, I've been jumping around a bit as far as what to work on (which is not at all uncommon when I find myself with a lot of confusing, unfamiliar free time) and I temporarily abandoned my "hot chick" model to do a super quick animation. It's obviously not done yet.. but I felt like posting something. I'd say it's somewhere in.. 1.5-2nd pass. No offsetting or anything yet.

In other news, my internet has been off and on since last Thurs, which is making job hunting even more frustrating that it inherently is. But then, complaining never got anyone anywhere, and I assume things will be all better tomorrow after the Internet Guy swoops by in his sexy van and saves me.

~ Cat


Cop/Mountie/Gang Member?

So when I started she had sort of a ninja/biker/gang member look… and somewhere along the way turned into a mountie/highway patrolman… but whatever, drawing is fun.

~ Cat


Just a start, but I thought I'd post to show that I'm still alive. The edgeloops are still pretty rough and her eyes aren't very defined - also I need to pull her more towards the concept sketch - but not bad for a day's work, I think.

It occured to me in all of my job hunting that my portfolio is well.. girly and cartoony. Not that modeling a girl makes it less girly... but I want to at least show that I'm capable of and interested in more realistic styles, so here's my start. (The plan with this one is to up the sex appeal, and in that way it will be less "girly"). I'll post more progress soon.

~ Cat