Weekly Game Jam 3: To Boldly Go

...was unsuccessful!! So we changed the design, and are making a much better version for Game Jam 4. :)

Here's sort of what it looked like:
You fly around and look for planets in a hex grid space. 

This is what the level looked like. I made 50 unique planets!!!

By Saturday night we had something working - but it wasn't fun at all, and we figured it would take a lot of time to turn it into something fun - so we completely retooled the design, and that's what we're making this week!

Sneak preview of new direction: The tone changed considerably, so I decided to switch up the art style to match.


Weekly Game Jam 2: Dungeons & Dorks

Game Jam number 2!!

I like Chad's description:
This week we tried a new take on a little known but classic game (in some circles). You play the role of a pewter miniature swept up in an ill-conceived D&D adventure! Well worth a play through if for no other reason than the epic voice acting. Just click to move and interact with the world.

You definitely need to play with sound on! And I’m afraid we didn’t localize anything. Sorry non-English speakers.

Our team make up was the same: me, Chad, Issam and Suresh. I still did all of the art, but this time I also wrote the script! (Although there was some ad libbing - like the Voyager section). We worked Sunday (just brainstorming), Weds, Sat - and carried over to Sunday this week.

Click the image to play (PLAY WITH SOUND!)



Sneak preview continued!!

This post just made me notice the conspicuous absence of the part of the shield that holds it to his forearm.... 


Sneak Preview

Preview of what's coming up next.

Weekly Game Jam 1: Sushi Runner

Some friends and I made a game this week!
Click image to play!
You play as a fish that is trying to escape a sushi restaurant. Jump, slide, boost and brake to avoid obstacles on the table, as well as obstacles that fly at you.

Leaderboard is here.

We started it last Monday (Memorial Day), and mostly worked on it Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I did all of the art, and some amount of messing with prefabs in Unity. All of the design was collaborative. :)

Issam Khalil
Suresh Malakar
Chad Layton

Music is from the Naruto Soundtrack.

This is how we celebrated Saturday night:


2D in 3D

Goofing off. It's Goku!


Design Challenge: One Button Control

So I noticed this design challenge over at Gamasutra and I wanted to try it! The criteria was to create a game with a single button input - then write it up in a doc of up to 500 words and 3 images.

Just this week I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first time, so this idea is clearly based on that. ;)

Title: Prime Directive


You are a starship captain who explores the universe, seeking to discover, experience and catalogue the unknown! Learning about alien races is your highest priority, but you must follow one strict rule: learn as much as possible, but do not interfere in their culture or development.

To accomplish this, you must use all possible clues to interpret their values and act in a way which does not offend them – but be careful, you also must also be mindful of the values of your crew.


On each planet, you encounter a new alien race. There is a brief introductory scene in which you learn a bit about them before they interact with you. You then will face multiple scenarios – in each, you have 2 seconds to press the ‘action button’ to execute a predetermined action.

The time it takes you to press the button, or not press it at all, determines the reactions of the host species, as well as the crew. If you should displease all of your alien hosts, or all of your crew, you fail the mission. If you can keep a balance between the two, you have succeeded, and may count the alien race among your allies.


2 scales are represented at all times – one for the crew, and one for the alien host. The timing of you action can fall into ‘fast’ (within the 1st second), ‘slow’ (within the 2nd second) or not at all. Each ‘+’ and ‘–‘ adds or subtracts a point from the corresponding scale. When the bar drops to zero, you have lost support from that group. A follow up scene will explain the results of your action.


Thunderions of Burning Rock Alpha Tau

- Introductory Visual: A violent, war-loving race. Furs, and heads adorn the hallway. A warrior loses at arm wrestling and is violently dragged out of the hall. The leader is flanked by giant, snarling dog-like things; he pats one on the head.

- Example Scenario: You are invited to dinner! Before dinner, you are given a kitten. Kill it?

o Fast: Aliens ++, Crew -- “Displays of strength are always valued!”

o Slow: Aliens -, Crew -- “Indecision is a sign of weakness on this planet!”

o Don’t: Aliens --, Crew ++ “You have insulted your hosts! Take what you are offered!”

Largeriants of Ikki-Centre V

- Introductory Visual: They are giant ants!

- Example Scenario: You meet the queen. She looms over you, expectantly. Make eye contact?

o Fast: Aliens --, Crew +

o Slow: Aliens -, Crew --

o Don’t: Aliens ++, Crew --

Whispits of Hadentia

- Introductory Visuals: Ghost like, slow floaty species. Very dark room, which is lavishly decorated.

- Example Scenario: It’s dark in here. Turn on the light?

o Fast: Aliens --, Crew ++

o Slow: Aliens -, Crew +

o Don’t do it: Aliens +, Crew -