Weekly Game Jam 2: Dungeons & Dorks

Game Jam number 2!!

I like Chad's description:
This week we tried a new take on a little known but classic game (in some circles). You play the role of a pewter miniature swept up in an ill-conceived D&D adventure! Well worth a play through if for no other reason than the epic voice acting. Just click to move and interact with the world.

You definitely need to play with sound on! And I’m afraid we didn’t localize anything. Sorry non-English speakers.

Our team make up was the same: me, Chad, Issam and Suresh. I still did all of the art, but this time I also wrote the script! (Although there was some ad libbing - like the Voyager section). We worked Sunday (just brainstorming), Weds, Sat - and carried over to Sunday this week.

Click the image to play (PLAY WITH SOUND!)

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