Finally got around to posting a link to VV's Thunderdome blog over to the right. It's an extension of the in work Thunderdome weekly sketch topics we have, as well as whatever other art we're doing. Check it out!


Pictures of my final Sailor Moon cakes! Photos courtesy of my friend - who also posed Sailor Moon figurines around the cake to complete the look. :)


Finally getting around to posting pictures from our figure drawing session at work Oct 24th.

Figure drawing today:


Cookies I made for ESandra! This time I made everything from scratch!!

The animals featured are:

Western Parotia:

Superb Bird of Paradise:

Magnificent Bird of Paradise:

Victoria Crowned Pigeon:



Also - here is the unfrosted picture I took of 2 Sailor Moon cakes I made for my friend Kristen. Frosted pictures to follow.

Super Sailor Moon Brooch:

Moon Crescent Wand:

Actual conversation in response to Hannah's post and Gwynne's post.

I'm officially bad at caricaturing my boyfriend.