Global Game Jam 2012: Endless

Our Global Game Jam 2012 game is complete! 

About: This game was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam. This year's theme was this image:
The image is the Ouroboros, and after kicking around a lot of ideas about snakes, we gravitated more towards the idea of an endless loop. Our concept is simple - you are trapped in a loop, and each time you complete the circle, the track changes a little.

How to Play: Use your cursor to drive the ball of light up, down, left and right. Hold down the left mouse button for a boost. Survive as long as possible. The level dims as time progresses - collect the lights to bring the brightness back up. 

Me (Art)
Issam Khalil (Engineering)
Chad Layton (Engineering)
Suresh Malakar (Engineering)



Here is our official GGJ 2012 site: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/endless

Global Game Jam 2012 - Saturday

Here's some of our progress from today!

We definitely have a playable game at this point. We're just missing audio, a leaderboard and some menu stuff.



Global Game Jam 2012

The GGJ is underway!! This is my 3rd GGJ, and I'm super excited.

We got the theme around 5:45 and spent the evening brainstorming and coming up with a design. We even started messing around a little in Unity to visualize what we're thinking of. We headed home around 10:30 (the labs at our site run from 9am - 11pm, so no crazy hours for us unless we do some stuff at home). The plan is to have the game at a relatively finished state tomorrow might. Our design is simple enough that it should be possible.

Some pictures. :) 


iBook Mermaid

Slowly figuring out how this should look.... :)


More Rough Pages

More thumbnails.


iBook: Super Rough Layout

Here are the first couple of sketches in terms of progression for the French language learning iBook I'm making with a friend! 

The writing is all placeholder, and the final will be written entirely in French. The mermaid is looking for a conch shell, visiting different locations along the way. Kids will be introduced to specific vocabulary words at each location, and will take a small matching quiz to reinforce the words they have been shown. 



After the Apple announcement today, my friend Jenni and I decided it would be fun to make a French language learning iBook for kids. The basic idea is to make a short story with interactive elements. 

We're thinking about doing something with a mermaid, so I did these sketches to start thinking about a visual style. 



Just because.

Game: Winter Migration

Winter Migration
December 2011

>>Click the image to play!<<

About: I made this game for my mom for Christmas! She's been pitching this concept to me for a long time about a bird that is too tired to fly, and realizes that he can ride on the roofs of cars. It was made specifically for her phone. I did all of the art and scripting. 

How to Play: Click on cars to fly to them. Red cars are fast, blue are medium, and gray are slow - but all three slow down after you've ridden on them for awhile. Try to get to the finish line as fast as possible! ..The quit button doesn't do anything since it's a web build. ;)

Time Frame: I started before Thanksgiving, but the majority of the work was done in the week before Christmas.