Game Idea: Ghost Car

I posted a goofy idea on our Trouble Impact blog:  http://troubleimpact.squarespace.com/blog/2012/4/11/brainstorming-ghost-car.html

Brainstorming & Comic

Also I posted some brainstorming at the Trouble Impact blog: http://www.troubleimpact.com/blog/2012/4/10/brainstorming-color-thief.html

PAX East 2012 Recap - Sunday


PAX East 2012 Recap - Saturday

Posted over on the Trouble Impact site:  http://troubleimpact.squarespace.com/blog/2012/4/10/pax-east-2012-recap-saturday.html

PAX East 2012 Recap - Friday

Just wrote the inaugural entry for our Trouble Impact blog & website about PAX East:  http://troubleimpact.squarespace.com/blog/2012/4/9/pax-east-2012-recap-friday.html

I will slowly be moving over to posting exclusively on that site, but don't move your bookmarks just yet, since we'll be changing the url. :) 


Kotaku: Molyjam Highlights

Our game, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" got featured on Kotaku's Molyjam Highlights!

Also Molydeux tweeted this - you can all appreciate the irony ;D 



Molyjam 2012 - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

The 2012 Molyjam is complete!

To reiterate, we started from this tweet:

We made a sort of endless runner style game where in order to keep going, you have to press DDR buttons to the beat (and sometimes doubletime). At the same time, you must also jump over, slide under and shoot your way through obstacles blocking your path. 

You get three mistakes - counted by either colliding with an obstacle or missing the beat. 

You can download the game to try here: http://www.whatwouldmolydeux.com/display.php?GameID=158

Here's a video showing the game in action!:

And here's a video capture of the game itself, to give a better view of what was happening on screen.

Video showing failure:

If we were to work on it some more, I'd like to have segments devoted entirely to dancing - either freestyle (probably just requiring that you're hitting on the beats or quarterbeats), or perhaps a DDR-style 'guided dance section' where you have to complete a sequence. It would also be pretty sweet to have a section where you have to jump up & down to the beat with a crowd of people (would require pressing both foot buttons). Also we originally talked about having aiming to go along with your shooting, but we didn't have time. Note: I recognize that this is technically not an FPS. ;)  

Cat Musgrove
Issam Khalil


Molyjam - Saturday Night

Here are some images from the day!

First screenshot - trying to prove out a concept for the environment:

This is how Issam sits while working:

Here's a lovely shot of some early modeling: ;) 


And some screenshots from the end of the night: