I haven't posted in a little bit, so here's what I've been up to:

Climb - WIP - making slowwww process on this one. Little tiny changes.

LASERS! This is FIRST PASS, so be kind. If anyone could give me a crit, I would totally appreciate it. (Yes, I know his transitions are awkward thus far - It's really just a question of the keys at this point.) Thanks!

3 Bros! This is for last week's Deadliest Sketch. Unfortunately, I think it looked a lot cooler as a thumbnail... Color is in progress and will follow.

Also, here are some cool links that Michelle found.
Process Enacted: by Jordan C Greenhalgh
Guinness new ad - A Short Film Called Hands


Pool Shark

Ok, so I did this pretty mediocre sketch for this week's "Deadliest Sketch" - and there are a bunch of problems with it - BUT, I'm posting it here so I have an excuse to pose this video. Watch the whole thing (but the best part's at 2:09)

So awesome.


Climb WIP - Character by Gwynne Olson-Wheeler

Finally getting back to this exercise. I had started it at the end of the school year and forgotten about it. It's still rough - but what I really want is a crit on the timing. I feel like it's sort of evenly paced and I'm not sure how to fix it.

*EDIT* Haha, whoops. I exported the wrong video and didn't bother checking it... Sorry about that.

I think the next one I do will be a parkour version of the same thing. :D