I haven't posted in a little bit, so here's what I've been up to:

Climb - WIP - making slowwww process on this one. Little tiny changes.

LASERS! This is FIRST PASS, so be kind. If anyone could give me a crit, I would totally appreciate it. (Yes, I know his transitions are awkward thus far - It's really just a question of the keys at this point.) Thanks!

3 Bros! This is for last week's Deadliest Sketch. Unfortunately, I think it looked a lot cooler as a thumbnail... Color is in progress and will follow.

Also, here are some cool links that Michelle found.
Process Enacted: by Jordan C Greenhalgh
Guinness new ad - A Short Film Called Hands


Jim said...

Hey Cat,

On the climb anim, the little spin the character does right beofe he slides his but onto the next block seems strange to me. It just feels a little out of place with the rest of the motion feeling so natural. Other than that, lookin good. Good to see people still animating after school. Keep it up, it helps keep me motivated for sure.

InSuoAnno said...

Those small changes to the climbing animation make a HUGE cumulative effect. The little spin he does is just a hair too fast to make it fit in with the rest--I like the way it breaks up the overall pace though.
Does the skin look faceted for a reason, or is it just waiting until the sequencing is finalized for a final texturing?

I definitely laughed at the cat's laser tirade. :-)

InSuoAnno said...

I love the overall structure of the three-gods picture...focal points, waving diagonal visual lines...

The Ionian columns to the very top, on the right of the god's shoulder look a little bit like fence posts though :-p

InSuoAnno said...

I would have made the cat's fist come down AS he says "one" and a little bit faster, rather than just after...perhaps a slight expression of startlement following to set up the apology.

The hand gestures while he's talking about daffodils are brilliant and I like that he's not directly facing the audience.

(sorry the comments were all seperated like this)

Hannah said...

to your gods are awesome!!! i love them!!

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

Hey Cat! Long time no read!
For some reason my compy won;t play the videos.. I've been having trouble with my browser...but as soon as I fix it I'll come lookit your stuff! :)

How's life been? :D