Girl and Companion - More Progress

Spent some more time on it tonight.

And here are the sketches the companion character is based on! These are by Kristen Elias:

I made the rig without looking at the creature, but this is what I was aiming for. :)

Girl and Companion - 1st pass

Spent some more time on it today at work. Will be working on it tonight too. I'd say this is a rough 1st pass.


Quadrupedal Stuff

We've had some free time at work, so I'm messing around with a character a friend and I created for a game idea. I just did a really quick walk with it today, and then started on a more complex animation to finally start doing a little more with quadrupeds than just cycles. It's going well so far - I'm excited to see where it goes.


Tiger & Kid

Today was a snow day from work (first time that's officially happened), so I spent the day modeling this tiger and little kid. The kid will be the rider. :)