Squirt gun - Process:

So, I've been jumping around a bit as far as what to work on (which is not at all uncommon when I find myself with a lot of confusing, unfamiliar free time) and I temporarily abandoned my "hot chick" model to do a super quick animation. It's obviously not done yet.. but I felt like posting something. I'd say it's somewhere in.. 1.5-2nd pass. No offsetting or anything yet.

In other news, my internet has been off and on since last Thurs, which is making job hunting even more frustrating that it inherently is. But then, complaining never got anyone anywhere, and I assume things will be all better tomorrow after the Internet Guy swoops by in his sexy van and saves me.

~ Cat

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InSuoAnno said...

You had a clip about face morphology posted; I'm not sure where that is now, but this reminded me of the technology: