Angle Character Library

As most of you know, I've been working this summer at a place called Angle, inc which does visualizations for companies trying to win government contracts (i.e., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman). My first and largest assignment was to build a new character library for use in their simulations - so my job was to update an old model - or well, pretty much completely rebuild it, rig, weight and texture it. I had to make different ethnicities (black, white, asian) outfits (coveralls - or "poop suit", officer coveralls, officer khakis and a work uniform) and accessories (baseball cap, hat, hair options, float coat - the helmet had already been modeled)

I finished it awhile ago (except there were originally going to be different height options and that part sort of got forgotten/abandoned) and I threw this picture together tonight to stick up here to show the different outfit combinations - and that I rigged them as well - although you can see a bit of spottiness in the weighting...

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Bevin said...

haha! I love the poses they're in, and just the fact that they're in army uniforms and doing silly poses is kinda funny.