Vlympics: Round Two: Collectibles Relay!

Looks like Blogger's crash ate this post, so here it is again.

Round 2 of the VV gaming Olympics that I'm organizing was last Tues and it was a blast! Teams played a relay race of games with collectibles - so team mate one would collect 300 gems as fast as possible in Kirby's Epic Yarn, then tag off with their teammate who had to collect 50 rings in Sonic (the original) as fast as possible - and so on down the line of 4 - the other 2 games were Mario64 (30 coins) & Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (100 fruit). We were originally going to determine the victor by time trial, but then we realized that when you watch people play, you learn where everything is - so because of this we did single elimination tournament style again. This way 2 teams would race each other at one time (there were 2 full setups). Also, when they progressed on to the next round, we gave them different levels to play for the sake of variety.

Pictures taken by Mel Holtzman again!

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