Vlympics: Round Four: 4 v 4 COD

Final round of the Vlympics before the championships! This round was simple - 4 v. 4 COD: Black Ops. No kill streaks, no unlocked equipment. Round one was domination, rounds two and three were team deathmatch. Single elimination tournament style. 4 teams played at a time - 2 on either side of the room. It was super intense! A couple of the rounds finished with extremely narrow margins of victory. :)

Two teams will progress to the final round: Mos Eisley Spaceport & Alan + the Touring Machines.

The game for the final round will be revealed the day of. We're putting a lot of planning into it and I'm really exited to see what the Vlympians think!

Pictures once again by Mel Holtzman.

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