For the "Birds of Prey" Deadliest Sketch theme.

I don't usually use ink, so this was just sort of an experiment - used some stuff that I've seen in a lot of Margeaux's drawings because I think it's cool when she does it. It gets a little weak when it comes to the vulture's body and the lines are a lot less sure.. and overall there's probably too much going on. Haha, also I had to edit in the eye in photoshop, since I'd drawn it without and then realized that the whole point of the piece was lost, since the vulture just looked really friendly... still doesn't look sinister enough though.

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Francis Vallejo said...

Hey Cat! That little bird in the wing is great haha. But no unfortunately I haven't heard anything about Nocturna which is a shame because I was real pumped about it (as were others). I let you know if I hear anything. Hope your summer is going well.