I'm finally playing with MooM! This rig kicks so much ass. You can get him here: http://highend3d.com/maya/downloads/character_rigs/MooM-by-Ramtin-Ahmadi-4346.html
and thanks to Jim who let me know about him in the 1st place. I'll post some animation when I get a little farther.

Pretty damn eventful weekend - visited Gwynne in White Plains, NY with Hannah this weekend and it was awesome. Blue Sky seems really cool, and I rather enjoyed White Plains itself. Also, after spending 2 days in NY city, I think I'm finally starting to understand why people would actually want to live there - and perhaps feel that way myself. We all saw Rataouille on Sat, which, as I'm sure everyone reading this knows, was awesome. The best part was during the train ride back from the movie though, in which, while I was playing back the little bits of motion I could remember from the film, I had a lightbulb moment in which I realized I've been going about my process completely wrong - and it became crystal clear to me what I should be doing. So, that was pretty kickass. I'm starting a new animation now (hence Mr. MooM), so let see if I can put this seemingly perfect theory into practice (fingers crossed).

Will post more soon.


Hannah said...

this weekend was great! i need to get those pics developed asap.

Hannah said...

this weekend was great!! i need to get those pics developed asap