Inside the Happiness Factory. Thought this was kind of cool - particularly since it's nice to know that they chose to do a little more with all of those models. Psyop is amazing.

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Kyler Dannels said...

It is from the book "Thou Art That" which is basically a record of a lecture that he did at a university. It's really short, and a bit more accessible than a lot of his other work. The focus of the book is religious metaphor. My family kind of has a collection of his books... The primary one I would suggest for a fellow artist is called "Hero with 1000 Faces" - It's all about the archetypes in stories and myths. Good stuff for anyone that wants to do narratives in their work. Hope that helps. :)

Oh, and yeah, cleaning house on the blog thing. Don't want any of my words on there... Maybe I'll do another blog for that filth.