MolyJam - Friday Night

Finishing up night 1 of the Molyjam!

There's a good article explaining the jam here. It's a 48 hour game jam, running from 7pm Friday night (03/30) through 7pm Sunday night (04/01). The idea is to take one of @petermolydeux's many game idea tweets and use it to create an original game from scratch. 

After brainstorming our way through 4 pages of choice Molydeux tweets over dinner, Issam and I zoned in on these two tweets: 

And the brainstorming began!

After some refinement, it's not going to be an FPS exactly - but the idea is to make more of a 3rd person endless runner w/ some shooting involved. You will need to move to the beat to keep running.

Oh yeah, we've been making use of this free little BPM counter: http://www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm

And are buying our music from: http://www.shockwave-sound.com/

Here is Molydeux's message to the world, just made public via Twitter. We will try to avoid having the player shoot at any aliens. :) 

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