Announcement: Trouble Impact

After months of planning, my good friend Issam and I are starting our own COMPANY.

This announcement probably will not come as a surprise to anyone that knows us directly, or reads this blog! 

I've spent at least the last 2 years desperately throwing all of my free time into trying to figure out 'what I want.' I slowly and inevitably moved from wanting to be a hardcore animator, to thinking that was boring and wanting to be an 'artist' rather than just an animator, to wanting to switch to design (I even interviewed at a small company as a designer!), to starting to learn some programming - to finally realizing that what I'd really like to do is just do 'all of the things.' If you've read my Game Journal at all, you can see that I'm one of those paradoxical people that simultaneously loves games, but doesn't actually like playing very many games - so my quest in life has become to "make a game that I want to play" and then hopefully some other people might also want to play it. 

The plan is to stay as a 2 person team, at least for a long while. I will primarily be arting & designing, while Issam will be programming & businessing. My official last day at Vicarious Visions is next Thursday the 5th, and Issam is finishing up Friday the 13th (after which he may or may not stay on as a contractor while working with me on the side). 

I hope we can make something cool for you guys to play!!! 

We have a @TroubleImpact Twitter, but not a lot is going to go on there yet. Until then, follow me @Cat_Musgrove and @IssamKhalil! We will also have a real website at some point!


Kristafer said...

Best of luck Cat! Welcome to the Indie Scene. Well it may be a bit pre-mature for ME to welcome YOU but in 6 days you'll be able to SEE what I mean. :)

Cat Musgrove said...

Hmm Kris, should I be welcoming you to the games industry? :)

Pablo said...
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Pablo said...

I just discovered your announcement on Twitter. That's great news ! Good luck for your projects, little team can do great things.
By the way, do you need a music composer? If you do, please email me at coma.pablo@gmail.com
I'll let you hear some examples of my previous works that could fit into your game. I'd be happy to help.