RPI Presentation Videos

I'm giving a presentation to the RPI Game Club tonight. My talk is essentially a giant brain dump of things that I've learned working in games. I'll be talking about how I got into the industry (somewhat accidentally, but then not), some nuts and bolts stuff about what I do (rigging, skinning, animation process), what it's like to work with a designer to get a character in game (what sort of specs they give you, concept of animation passes), some general company culture and process stuff (scrum, source control, etc), and some advice for things they can be doing while they're in school to help their chances at breaking into the industry (reading things, critical thinking, doing game jams, etc). It's going to be at least an HOUR long. I hope they don't get bored. :)

Just in case my videos are too big to copy over to their computer, I've put them all up on youtube - so I figured I could also post them here, in case anyone was interested. Special thanks to youtube for being so easy!! 

Giant post - go!

Here's a series of videos showing what it's like to rig, skin and animate a character in Biped:
Setting up a Biped rig: (Max)

Skinning a Character (Max):

Quick Walk Cycle Animation (Max:)

Walk Cycle:

And finally, here are videos of the games my friends and I have been making outside of work:


Brian Shurtleff said...

The Dungeons and Dorks game looks hilarious. Are y'all still working on it?

Cat Musgrove said...

Hahah, thanks. :) It was one of out week long jams, so we stopped working on it. It was pretty fun, but wasn't really a 'game,' I think. It also got complicated really fast - it's a concept that needs a ton of content/time to be successful.