Pitch: Stay Out of the Sun!

Working on a game idea!

You play as a vampire that needs to get through everyday life while avoiding the sun. In this particular instance, you have a tooth ache and need to see the dentist in time for his appointment!

The game is top-down (or high angle isometric), and you need to navigate the streets staying only in shadows.

There are currently 2 ideas for gameplay:

  • Puzzle-style where you figure out the 1 or 2 correct paths to your destination (many levels); 
  • Endless runner where map elements spawn in randomly. 

  • Health gauge: Drops rapidly when you are in the sun, fills up very gradually when you stay in the shade
  • Pause button
  • Directional controls

For the sake of process, these are some of the visuals I came up with while trying to work out details! It's surprisingly complicated to pull the camera out enough to see everything, but still have a large enough character to see. 

Initial pass at a level layout: 

Trying to figure it out in 3D: 

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