Game Jam 5: The Island

We (me, Issam, Chad, Suresh) made another game!

Summary: Run around the world taking pictures! You may take pictures anywhere you want to build your gallery, but to complete the game, take pictures at all of the ‘picture spots’ (represented by yellow star effects). (Warning: We didn’t actually add an ending…. so all you’ll really get from collecting all of the picture spots is a sense of satisfaction.) You can also take pictures of anything you think is interesting.
Movement: w, a, s, d or arrow keys to move, space bar to jump and double jump
Camera: Go into picture mode with ‘c,’ use the spacebar to take photos, and and view your gallery with ‘g.’
Play a single player game by pressing ‘Start.’ You can also play multiplayer! (Doesn’t change gameplay, you just run around in the same world)
Multiplayer setup:
  1. Create a server by pressing ‘Start’
  2. Give your IP address to whoever else wants to play with you
  3. (if you’re like me and you don’t know how to find your IP address – go to the cmd window and type ipconfig. The IPv4 number is your address)
  4. Joining players should type the hosts IP address into the field on the start screen, and press ‘connect’
  5. We’ve tested up to 7 players at once… I don’t know if there’s a limit. ;)
Click on this image to play the game!!

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