Global Game Jam 2011: Beacon

Here is our Global Gam Jam 2011 entry!:


The theme this year was 'extinction' so ours is about saving the last of mankind.;) We got the theme Friday at 6pm, and had until Sunday at 3pm to submit our game. We won best art and best technical achievement out of the Albany games!

Basic gameplay is that there are a bunch of people stranded in this city area and they can’t see – but the monsters that are prowling around use their sense of smell to find them. You, as the player, can see (with your mouse), so you have to click on the people to select them, and then click where you want them to go (keep in mind that they can’t see, so they can’t go around objects). Try and get them into the areas that are lit, so they can be safe.

It was fun to work on! I had a team of 4 (me + 1 artist, one programmer, and one tech artist), plus a guy helped us out with sound at the end. Stuff I did: Brainstorm & design (we did as a group), character & environment animations, level layout (from Brent's individual assets) and export, collision setup and export.

Here are the animations I did! Not all of them made it into this version of the game, but we're still planning on adding them.

Raptor Monster:


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