Here's a pretty random collection of sketches from the last couple of months.

Thunderdome (sketch session): Swimming Pool Monster

Thunderdome (sketch session): Making Inanimate Objects Animate

Some designs for a picture I made for my mom for Xmas. She really wanted a picture for the election race - the final image was an elephant and donkey balloon floating over DC.

Figure drawing at work. Unfortunately our model cancelled for our first session, so we just ended up drawing each other.

Turn around for a short I'm slowly working on. Design's a little flat right now, but I'm considering it a starting point.

~ Cat


Hannah Sherman said...

heyyyy i miss you, what are you doing? nice sketches!

Jamil said...

Hey Cat:
Every time I try to add a comment it's not showing I'm trying it again hoping it works ..

Cateris said...

I do think we were introduced, by Kyler my freshman year?
Thank you so much, that is really flattering. :) I am going to get calendars printed soon, I'll post it on my blog and on an etsy shop when they're ready.