If anyone hasn't noticed, Microsoft has a pretty cool advetising campaign going on for Zune. Here's a collection of commercials, all roughly based around the concept of sharing. (Play button when you mouse over is for video, eye is for stills)

While I'm at it, other really cool advertising sites to check out:

Of particular interest is Psyop's Propaganda section, in which they advertise for themselves. The Psyop Anthem, along with one of their other commercials were both in SIGGRAPH's electronic theater a couple of years ago (how I found out about them in the first place)

The Mill
The Mill is an effects house, so they have some film stuff and music videos as well. A list of their showreels is on the left menu set - under "showreel" (obviously). It seems they've changed the setup from overall reels (they used to have a CG one, NY, London, and overall) to reels of full commercials (arranged by.. director??). That really bugs me, actually... I prefer viewing colletions of bite-sized, awesome effects set to music... but I'm sue they had their reasons.

Also, illustrators - I'm stalking you all through the social network that is Blogspot. Keep up the posting - I love seeing your stuff, regardless of whether I actually know you or not. On the same note, I'm going to make an effort to start actually posting a bit more (we're getting into rendering, so I'll actually have something to show soon) even though I don't think anyone actually reads this thing.

~ Cat

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