Unfortunately, after only a couple of weeks of being back at school, I've grown tired of all music... or at least any of the music that I have access to (Pandora, radio, shared iTunes in the labs..) so today I started playing through some of online lectures that my Games and Society teacher linked and recommended to us, and most of it is really great stuff.

TED Talks
This is from an annual conference hosted by BMW which brings together the worlds leading experts on "ANY subject area offering something fresh and important." They all run about 15min, although I wish they were a bit longer, seeing as everyone is being forced to rush - but I guess it's more about a general survey of knowledge in multiple areas as opposed to anything too specialized.

The most worthwhile ones I've seen so far have been from Bjorn Lomborg (talks about priorities in dealing with the world's problems), Robert Wright (how the responsible persuit of one's own personal interests lead works in favor of humanity) and Wade Davis (National Geographic - speaks about the steady averaging out of world culture and language).

Also interesting is this talk by James P. Carse about finite and infinite games (as well as religion and unquestioning belief)

~ Cat

PS - if anyone wants to recommend any music to me, I would appreciate it. The problem is that I can't really work to anything slow (which is why Pandora and the radio are letting me down) and I'm tired of dance music..

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