Christmas Presents

Some presents I made this year!

These are tugboats for my Dad. My parents bought a bay house this year, so I looked on http://www.MarineTraffic.com and picked out some boats that go by the house. I used watercolor pencils and permanent marker.

Here are pictures of just the line art::

And this was the only photo I took of the sketch:

These are some sea glass pieces I made for my mom. I just used a hot glue gun to stick them on a pre-stretched canvas (which I painted off-white). I wish I'd taken better photos! 

And these are some pieces I made for my best friend. I had originally sponge painted these canvases for the sea glass pieces, but the color didn't work very well with the glass. The orange squares are watercolor paper, and the line art is permanent marker on vellum. I used mod podge to glue it all together, which in the end was probably a bad idea since it made the paper wrinkle.

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