Weekly Game Jam 4: To Boldly Go...

Game Jam 4 is done!!

To recap, at the end of week 3, "To Boldly Go..." wasn't looking too hot, so we decided to take the basic concept and make a new game. In the end, the only thing we kept from the original was the space theme. :) 

Click the image to play.

Goal: Survive as long as possible, skirting obstacles to boost your score.

How to Play: Click in the direction you want to go with the left mouse button to move. Use the right mouse button for a boost. Various obstacles harm you in different ways - the planets have gravity which pulls you in, supernovas can either kill you with their initial explosion, or repel you outwards into space, space squids latch onto you and must be shaken off or they will destroy you, and various enemy ships and bases will shoot to kill. 

-        - Practice level for beginners
-        - Online leaderboards – shows you the overall leaderboard, and a ‘peer leaderboard’ of the scores closest to yours
-        - Death Markers – see where other players died in the level, and what killed them 

Time Frame: Sunday 9/25 - Sunday 10/2

Issam Khalil (Engineering)
Danielle Cerniglia (Engineering)
Chad Layton (Engineering)
Suresh Malakar (Engineering)
Cat Musgrove (Art)

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That is awesome :)