Super Hero City

Started working on an animatic for a game idea Issam and I are working on.

The overall concept is that you're a regular person living in a super hero world - trying to go about your normal business like picking up your kid from school and grocery shopping. In this particular scenario, the epic battle raging between the super hero and villain is blocking off a major section of road and you're going to be late picking up your kid from school because of them - AGAIN. This time you're not going to settle for letting your kid down, so you snap and embark upon a crazy drive right through the danger zone.

Gameplay will be on rails, with various obstacles related to the battle which you need to dodge (since how can you pick you your kid when you're crushed to death??)

These are just some rough drawings that made me laugh. I've made zero art decisions yet... other than the fact that I want it to be comic-booky. For example, on the frame when the hero's fist makes contact with the villain, I want a cool anime-style freeze frame with lines shooting all over. You know what I mean.

I also haven't really figured out what the characters look like. These are what came out of my hand when the moment arrived that I had to make them look like something. :)

Hopefully I can get this done soon! The opening is all fleshed out in impossible-to-read thumbnail form... I just need to draw it!! (Tonight I waited too late to start and could only make this feeble post instead. Now I sleep.)

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