2010 in Review!

So! This year was my 'animation curriculum' under-taking. Last Dec I made a 12 month animation schedule, to do different animations every month. At first the focus was to be exclusively on animation, and not pay so much attention to camera work or anything else, but around the 4th month I started to stray, and in August I decided I wanted to model 3 characters for that piece - so needless to say, I ended up abandoning the rest of the curriculum and working on that one. :) I got it to a reasonable stopping point just in time.

In the end, I'm happy with what I made! In the next month or so I will be going back into my favorites from the last year and polishing them up.

Here are my animations from this year!:

Jan: Ball Bounce Month

Feb: Jumping!

March: Walk Cycles

April: Character Walk

May: Run & Sneak

June: Obstacle Course

July: Takedown

August - December: Weapon/J-Pop Girls

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