So for my next exercise, I had initially wanted to work on armed combat. In my recent push to make things more fun, I came up with a sort of 'J-Pop group gets attacked by robot' piece. Once I got really into the research and got my dance all choreographed I decided I simply had to make my own characters for this one, since the fashion references are too fun. :)

Here's a limited set of my initial exploration:

Then I decided I wanted to try more exaggerated proportions, and perhaps expand it to 3 characters instead of one:

And here are some more refined drawings from today:

I'm excited to move forward. My main issue right now is making them all seem like they're from the same universe (I think they maybe look too different in the pencil drawings)

Also, here's a random drawing I did the other week when I was first thinking about modeling, which is unrelated, but I wanted to share:

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