Zombie Walk

Finishing out walk cycle month a little late. :) I'm not 100% happy, so crits are definitely appreciated. I think he might be moving a little too smoothly for a zombie.

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Kyle Ruegg said...

Hey Cat! Thanks again for the feedback on my animation. I just stumbled on your blog again and saw this. I know it's a bit late, and I'm not sure if you're still looking for crits on this, but I thought I'd return the favor anyway:

I like the limp and the pose and the zombified expression on his face! The first thing I notice is that the head stays oriented in the same direction the whole time, which makes it look strangely detached from the body. I'd put some overlap on that head so it reacts to the body movement and has some weight (especially after he leans back, I feel like his head should rotate up and to his left a bit). I also feel like the movement is too quick when he leans back, especially in the upper body. I like the snappiness when he lurches forward, but I think you should smooth out the movement when he leans back to give it some more contrast and a more varied rhythm. I also think it might be nice to keep his left foot dragging on the ground instead of lifting it for the step, to accentuate the limp.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful, I'm liking it! Zombie walks are fun :)