This has nothing to do with animation:
The New Map of the Brain

...although, I guess if you want to get technical... it has a lot to do with understanding behavior, or at least the reasons behind the way we act... and seeing as animation is all about creating the illusion that there's something going on inside that shell of a 3D model, this is at least somewhat relevant, right? Whichever way, it's interesting.

Anyway, it's a main page that links to a collection of articles on where science is currently in understanding how the brain works. It's from Time, so it's written in layman's terms, which is great for me anyway. Enjoy!

~ Cat

PS - I turned in my THESIS last night, but I still have a bit to do before I start spreading it around the internet... Next I start my final project, and I will definitely be posting process as I go (this one'll be short, so I'm allowed to do that.) I should have something up around Thurs.

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