Lighting WIP. Still working on the time of day.. the bottom image is more what I'm going for - mid-morning-ish, although still not perfect, and the top two are what I had for our in-class crit yesterday, which look decidedly later in the day. Lots to do... Meret still just has a basic color map, and terrible UVs, and a lot of the environment textures aren't fully resolved. Let's see how much work I can get done in a week!

~ Cat


Francis Vallejo said...

looking good cat, i like yer enviro good luck fer the rest of the semester, i know you guys are working really hard!

info you requested bout my designs fer my thesis...it has to do with a perfectionist portrait artist and a simple girl in 1900 Venice..thanks for the kind words too!


Kim said...

aww cat, i love the sadface cat shot. if you have to make a poster or anything, please use that face!!!